10 Tips For Finding Properties for sale

Making the decision to purchase a piece of property, whether it is your first home or a commercial investment, you must recognize that there are many different types of property out there to choose from. It is highly recommended that before you go applying for your mortgage or making offers, you weigh up the options available to you and make a calculated decision based on your intentions for the property, your budget, current house prices and location.

Types of Houses:

  • Flats
  • 2-Level Flats
  • Studio Flats
  • Converted Flats
  • Detached Houses
  • Semi-detached Houses
  • Terraced Houses
  • End of Terrace House
  • Cottages
  • Bungalows
  • Mansions

It is vital that once you’ve made the decision to purchase a house, you identify which property variation is going to suit your needs and expectations. Any important decision in life must not be rushed, and the purchase of a piece of real estate is likely the largest purchase decision you will ever make. While it is understandable to be excited and eager to move into your new home, the last thing you want is to end up regretting the decision, having found an alternative that you prefer when it is already too late, and this happens!

Regardless of whether it is an individual purchase or you are buying a house with a loved one, the decision needs to be clear, and you cannot have any reservations. We recommend starting slowly and looking into the differences between the house variations, and carefully figuring out which type you prefer. Don’t end up making a decision and committing to a house that you’ll end up regretting. There is no going back and it is a lengthy process buying and selling a home.

When searching for properties for sale, whether it’s a house or a beautiful bungalow for sale there is a tonne of options available to choose from, and it can often be quite overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. In the initial stages of searching for a property, your knowledge of standard prices in your location is usually at a novice level, and prices can often be quite inflated on some of the property searching sites in the UK. Looking for properties to buy is a difficult task that can be made easier when you know where to look in the first place.

One of the most trusted sites for finding good estate agents is Rightmove (www.rightmove.co.uk). With Rightmove, you are given a diverse platform of property listings where you will have the ability to compare and contrast different properties in your area. Being able to compare different properties will really help you to understand what you’re looking for and assist you in narrowing down the search for the perfect home.

OnTheMarket (www.onthemarket.co.uk) is a recently developed website that will help you to find the right property for you. Looking for properties to buy is made easier when you know the property isn’t being listed on tonnes of different platforms, and with OnTheMarket, sellers are restricted in how many sites they can list their house on.

We highly recommend taking a look at Zoopla (www.zoopla.co.uk) if you are new to the property industry and buying your first home. What Zoopla gives you is the opportunity to view recently sold properties, giving you a concrete idea of what kind of price different houses are going for in your area. With this insight, you can better identify what house type will fit your budget.

Then you have our portal properties 365 where you can search all the different estate agents to search for the ideal properties for sale which you desire. The great thing about this type of search is you let them do all the hard work for you rather than trolling through the property listing portals trying to find all those properties for sale to only find out the one your interested in has already sold!

One of the biggest mistakes people make when looking for properties to buy is neglecting to research the location. You may think that you are only moving a few miles away and so you have a good idea of the location, but there are many more factors to consider that go deeper than just the visual appearance of the area that you are looking to move to.

Factors to consider when identifying properties for sale is the crime rate in that area, the flood-risks, construction plans in the area, who the neighbours are, recent sales within the area.

If there is an alarming crime rate, that may be the reason the property is listed at an attractive price. The last thing you want is to find your wheelie bin on fire a week after moving into your “dream home”. Using ADT (adt.co.uk/crime-in-my-area) will give you some insight into how safe the area is.

Try visiting the property both during the day and at night. A house may look perfect on paper, and even after taking a look at it in person, there may be no issues evident. Before you make your decision, however, you must recognise that some problems only rear their head at night. You may be near a university where students go nuts in the middle of the night. This is not something you want to be dealing with if you have a young family.

It can feel like a full-time job when trying to find properties for sale, and the process can really end up taking forever if you’re trying to do it all on your own. When choosing a property, it can be massively beneficial to have your local estate agent keep you updated with new listings and potential houses going up for sale. Estate agents will have a vested interest in getting properties sold quickly and so by letting them know exactly what you’re looking for, they can be really helpful. So be clear if it’s a 3 bedroom bungalow with big garden be clear to say this . But lets say you only want a detached bungalow be specific on this as their no point wasting time viewing all those semi detached properties for sale if its not truly what you want.

In choosing to have your local estate agent keep you in the loop, it gives you more time to focus on the annoying factors such as finding a good lawyer, getting the mortgage process started, figuring out the logistics of a move, and getting a plan for financing the move together. Without proper planning, purchasing a property can really take a toll on your health.

Your local estate agent can give you tonnes of great advice about the neighbourhood you’re looking at, the average price properties go for in the area, and help you clear up the timeline you’ll be expecting before making your move. In looking for properties for sale, take all the help that you can get, and the process will be made much easier for you.

Applying for a mortgage to finance the purchase of a property is quite often the most difficult and stressful part of the process. Navigating the sea of banks looking to work with you on buying your home, and knowing which one to choose can be confusing, and making the wrong decision can lead to thousands of pounds in additional interest payments over the term of the mortgage.

A mortgage broker will give you insight into what kind of budget you’ll have available for purchasing your property based on your earnings and savings, and they’ll also give you some of their knowledge on loan-to-value ratios and interest rates that can be difficult to make sense of for the newer buyers in the property industry.

A mortgage broker directory such as firstrungnow.com will assist you in identifying the perfect finance company for purchasing your home based on your objectives and expectations. You will get unbiased, objective advice that isn’t constructed in a way that gets you to choose any particular bank or financial organization. With first rung now directory you can scan and troll through lots and lots of fully qualified brokers to find the right one and also get the directories recommendations on their top brokers they work with.

Having to put hours of time into searching for the right bank, making phone calls and taking notes is time-consuming and often gets you nowhere at all. Using a site like which.co.uk will help you to pick a mortgage broker and get the ball rolling towards buying your property.

Ok so you think you’re ready to purchase a piece of property. You need to recognise just how long the process can be from starting your mortgage application to unlocking the door of your home for the first time. By ensuring to start planning everything out as early as possible, you uncover some hurdles that are going to delay things and can get started on having everything ready quickly as opposed to meeting tonnes of setbacks when you’re actually ready to make your move.

Starting early means putting in some graft and researching properties, speaking with estate agents, brokers, joining different Facebook groups, reading books and speaking to friends who have been through the process before you. By making this investment in getting your ducks in a row, the fun parts of looking at properties to buy become much more enjoyable as opposed to being rushed and causing unnecessary issues.

Some of the issues that arise for people starting the process of buying their first home are factors they didn’t consider like making sure they could get a mortgage. If you’ve recently moved jobs, or if you’re self-employed, that can have ramifications for the amount you can borrow. Finding the right property can be difficult, and the competition can be stiff. Figuring out exactly what you’re looking for early in the process make things easier for you.

Just because you have found a property for sale that seems great on paper and has met all of your criteria for the perfect house to buy, whether it’s your new home or an investment, you need to be making multiple offers or you may be waiting for ages to hear back. Never have your heart set on one house early on in your search for a property. You are not the only buyer out there, and there are always people making offers that you don’t see. Like an investment, diversify. Hedge your bets and pick out several properties you like the look of, and hope for the best.

By making the decision to place offers for multiple different properties, it also gives you an edge in negotiating on price. When negotiating, you should always be prepared to walk away. If you go into the negotiations absolutely desperate to get the house, it will be obvious and you could end up paying thousands more than you need to. Finding properties to buy is easier when you aren’t committed to one in particular.

Making multiple offers will speed up the process for you and will stop you from getting too emotionally attached and setting yourself up for disappointment. Most estate agents will tell you that searching for properties to buy is an emotional process, so thinking objectively in the early stages is the best strategy. Save the thrill and joy for when an offer is accepted!

One of the most common mistakes people are known to make when they’ve never bought property before, is taking a superficial look at the house and letting their emotions cloud their judgement. The estate agents will generally always have a house looking 10/10 on viewing days, and so that makes it even more important to be meticulous in your inspection. A thorough checklist will save you the disappointment of uncovering issues after moving in.

You should demand a historical report of capital expenditure to ensure there won’t be a hefty bill for repairing the roof a week after moving in. Check out which way the house is facing to gauge what kind of sunlight you’ll be getting in your garden (makes a huge difference in Summer months!) and make sure there is enough space in the home. Photos and even videos can be very deceiving, when you’re there, it is your responsibility to assess every detail.

Making your inspection as thorough as possible when looking for properties to buy will also offer some potential for leverage in haggling down on price. If you spot damp areas, cracked paint or any other inconvenience, you can mention this to the estate agents and try to get yourself a few pounds off the asking price!

You are likely to face many ups and downs in your pursuit of finding a home for sale which is available to buy for yourself, and so it is important to keep your options open for the journey. You may have your heart set on a nice detached house in the country, and perhaps you don’t want to even think about any other options, but sometimes the property you’re dreaming of simply is not available, or can be way outside of your budget.

It can sometimes be necessary to compromise a bit, and start to think of a Plan B to avoid waiting for years before purchasing your home. There are tonnes of fantastic houses out there that fit your hopes and dreams, you just need to work hard to find the right one. At the end of the day, location is the most important thing, and something you shouldn’t compromise on. Choose the location, and wait for the right property to become available, always keeping your options available.

Many people think they want an apartment when in reality they can get a flat for a similar price. Some novice buyers are convinced they need to use a specific bank to get the best deal for their mortgage, but there may be alternatives out there. Do not commit early. Every decision you make, you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

Last but not least, when finding properties for sale, you are going to get frustrated, and you will sometimes feel that it is not even worth all of the hassle, but you must not let it get to you. Remember why you’ve made the decision to purchase a home in the first place. If you’ve worked hard enough to stop renting and are finally in a position to purchase a property, you need to keep focused and be patient in order to find the right house.

There are so many moving parts and at times there will be elements completely out of your control. You’ll be dealing with delays from the seller, the estate agents, and sometimes your lawyer on the way to closing the deal, and you must remain calm. There will be a tonne of emotion going into this purchase, as it is the biggest purchase you are likely to ever make in your life. You owe it to yourself to be calm and collected and trust the process.

Purchasing a home is a reason to celebrate, and you should be proud of even being in a position where it is on the table. Recognise that it is not easy finding the perfect property which is still for sale, and if it was, then everyone would own property. You are joining an elite few, and everything will be ok.

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